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### ROUND 1: Australia [](#au) | Session | UTC | Weather forecast| | - | - | - | | Free Practice 1 | Fri 01:00 | [](#w03) Scattered clouds, 22 °C / 73 °F| | Free Practice 2 | Fri 05:00 | [](#w10d) Light rain, 18 °C / 65 °F| | Free Practice 3 | Sat 03:00 | [](#w03) Scattered clouds, 15 °C / 59 °F| | Qualifying | Sat 06:00 | [](#w02d) Few clouds, 15 °C / 59 °F| | Race | Sun 05:10 | [](#w01d) Clear sky, 18 °C / 66 °F| [Click here]( for start times in your area. Please note that this weather forecast does not get updated. For an up-to-date weather forecast, see the sidebar. --- #KEY UPDATE [**Official confirmation: F1 Cancels the Australian Grand Prix due to COVID-19**]( [Refund information for Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix]( Join the discussion [here]( --- #KEY UPDATE [**Official Confirmation: McLaren Racing withdraws from the 2020 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix**]( --- Hi there, r/formula1! Having fun in person at the 2020 Australian Grand Prix? These posts will be a useful resource for anyone looking for feedback on the event when planning to attend in future so please feel free to leave detailed feedback and information! Please use this post for all the below: - Let us know how you are enjoying the atmosphere at the event in person! Post your thoughts and comments here. - Use this post to arrange any impromptu meet-ups at the GP, if you’d like. - Use Imgur or other image hosting websites to share pictures of - Your view from the grandstand - Yourself at the grandstand - Driver’s parade - Funny shaped clouds creating rain hype - Other generic pictures from the event - Provide detailed feedback about the event as an attendee **Please note:** Standalone posts of these topics outside these threads will NOT be allowed, and will be removed in all cases (a few exceptional and very unique posts may be allowed based on moderator discretion). **Resources:** - The subreddit [Circuit Guide](/r/formula1/wiki/circuitguide). Users can edit and update the wiki for the benefit of the community so please feel free to do so! - Going to the Australian Grand Prix? - [click here]( **KEY INFORMATION FROM THE CIRCUIT WEBSITE** - [Ticket guide]( - [Transport guide]( - [What to do in Melbourne]( - [Food options at the Grand Prix]( #[Track Schedule]( #[Entertainment Schedule]( #KEY UPDATE **Melbourne Walk and Autograph sessions** - Autograph sessions will now be conducted as Q&A interview sessions. - Drivers will continue to utilise Melbourne Walk but will not be closely interacting with fans for selfies, autographs or other direct engagement. [Join the discussion here]( **OTHER NEWS** - Three F1 team members placed in isolation - [join the discussion here]( - Miley Cyrus has cancelled her appearance at the Friday night concert - [join the discussion here]( - [Thursday Round-up](