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# How to download for Java & Bedrock The season 6 world download is now available on []( Go to the page, select "Maps" from the menu, and then select "Vanilla S6" to begin your download. There are also Torrent trackers and mirrors further down this post for both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. But first... # !!! ALERT SCAM WARNING !!! Do not download random files claiming to be the world download unless you are using the torrent provided here or one of the pre-approved mirror links available in the r/Hermitcraft Discord. Scammers are messaging people who have posted here or elsewhere in the subreddit claiming that they have Bedrock versions of the world download. They are all fake copies likely loaded with malware, viruses, trojans, etc. Scammers are also DMing people offering copies of the Java world that will download faster than the one on We have prescreened the copies available via the official mirror links in our Discord. These are the only ones you should trust. No matter what file you download, verify that it matches the original using the checksums below. If you do not know how to use a checksum, ask someone in the subreddit discord #world-download channel. # Xisuma's video Xisuma is explaining a few things regarding the world in this video on his second channel: []( # Notes from the Staff * **The site will get slammed over the next few days.** It appears from checking the DNS that they're using a strong CDN for the download this time so it shouldn't be as bad as in prior years but it still could be very rough. Be patient. * Do not download the one that says "Modded S6 Modsauce." That is a different map. * **Do not deep link to the download please.** Let's get the guys at least a little ad revenue from people loading the main site to help offset the bandwidth costs. This is going to be a very expensive week for them. * If you are planning to host a whitelisted server copy of the world, we would like to add you to a list of servers and send people your way to interview. [Complete the Google form here]( to give us some basic details about your server for the list. Form is for server admins only. * This should go without saying, but please refrain from claiming any content within the world download as your own on any social media website including Reddit, Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. # Bedrock Edition (Safe But Unsupported) We now have a thumbs up from Xisuma to host a copy of the world converted to Bedrock format that we know to be safe. It has been tested reasonably and is working, however due to the [MCPE-32501 bug]( it will reliably crash every 10 minutes or so. This is not a problem with the map but with Minecraft. Report it to Mojang at that bug report link if you experience this problem and maybe they'll get around to fixing it. [Download Hermitcraft 6 for Bedrock (Google Drive)]( # Java Edition - Torrent Tracker and Mirrors **Torrent:** If you would like to torrent the file, the tracker can be downloaded from the following locations: * Magnet Link via Xisuma's Server admins (copy and paste into browser url bar): * `magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6c288ec06823d129ea6cbffeab83bfeafb438e99&` * [TPIM's Gdrive.]( * [Subreddit Discord.]( Those who have completed downloads of the original file, please hop on and seed. **Download mirrors:** We are compiling a list of other verified and trusted mirrors in the world-download channel of [Subreddit Discord]( If you an established member of the community who is hosting a mirror, hop into the Discord to chat with the team and we'll add it to the pinned list. Please do not post mirror links in this subreddit or as comments. We've had several spyware-laden scam posts try to get through already so we are removing all of them. Please do not upload copies of this file to any permanent repositories such as **Checksums:** These can be used to verify that you have downloaded the complete and unaltered file. If you do not know how to verify a checksum, please visit the Discord using the link above and we can walk you through it. * MD5 Checksum `9621462eddbe3ac4d190855fce675663`. * SHA256 checksum `7bf7030d21a2582c6525f1098ebe2114a68db61754be834f4f332b9f21d20beb`. * SHA512 checksum `1167f5313b87e110190f939209df4129140d68098e75296c9b6a10385dd40e73286c963edb85dacde70d289f091894fbd970b365eb10acf464e1a16d45fa6fff` # Known Servers Hosting the Download None of these servers are officially affiliated with the Subreddit or with Hermitcraft. The subreddit staff have not verified how strict the admins of these servers are, so join them at your own risk. Whitelisted/Private servers Contact the respective server admins to discuss joining their server. All servers use Minecraft Java edition unless otherwise noted. * **Europe Central.** 20 slots, Adventure only. Will be up indefinitely. Contact AngryyyDaveee#5194 on Discord. * **Europe Central**. 77 slots, Survival with restrictions. Join via [Docm77's Patreon Discord (Tier 1)]( * **Europe North.** 50 slots. Survival and Spectator modes. Will be up for a year. Contact fishy#2658 on Discord. * **Europe West.** 25 Slots, Survival only. Will be up indefinitely if there is a decent player base. Inquire at []( * **Europe West.** 13 slots, Survival and Spectator modes. Not sure how long it will stay up. Contact /u/*dark\_\_\_ninja*. * **North America Central.** 64 slots, Survival, Spectator and Creative modes. Will be up indefinitely. Contact bBrain#7316 on Discord. * **North America Central.** 9 slots, Survival only. Will be up for 2 weeks. Contact u/JT70900. * **North America East.** 4 slots, Survival only. Will be up for 1 year. Contact /u/hello_ich_good or twisted5dalek#8484 on Discord. * **North America West.** 5 slots, Survival mode only, Will be up for at least a month. Contact paramormalgamer on Twitch. * **North America West.** 50 slots, Survival, Spectator, Survival w. /god and /fly. Will be up for 3 weeks. Contact Fang#3939 on Discord. * **Oceania/Australia.** 30 slots. Survival only. Will be up for at least a month. Contact funwees#0618 on Discord. * **Oceania/Australia.** 34 slots, Survival only. Will be up indefinitely. Contact BookOfFish#6042 on Discord. Public servers * **Europe Central.** 50 slots, PUBLIC for now thanks to /u/danishduckling, although it may get whitelisted later on if it gets overloaded. IP: ``. May all the minecraft gods have mercy on your soul, duckling. * **Europe Central.** 50 slots, PUBLIC for now thanks to u/karltremain. URL: ``. All gamemodes accessible, self-resetting when the last person logs off. # Map World map courtesy of u/Dinip12: [\_isometric\_day/0/6/200/-184/64]( [A list of coordinates can be found here]( courtesy of TPIM. There's also this [more chronological list of coordinates]( as they developed through the season by /u/nixame.