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Our website, which was designed by a third party, is very slow to load the home page. We are hoping using a CDN might help in this aspect. The website is hosted by Amazon at the Sydney, Australia server, and our expected customer base will be 100% in New Zealand with the vast majority expected to be in Auckland. MaxCDN and Amazon's CloudFront have edge servers in Sydney, while CloudFlare has an edge server in Auckland. Theoretically wouldn't the CDN be redundant in terms of delivery speed of the content to our customer base? Aside from the speed consideration, I've heard it is an advantage to go with CloudFront considering we are already using AWS to host the website. Are there any other considerations I may not know about that would make MaxCDN or CloudFlare viable alternatives? From what I've gathered: - file transfer from S3 to the CloudFront CDN is simpler - there's added security as only CloudFront can access the S3 files - no data transfer fee from S3 to CloudFront DDoS protection is one consideration to want to go with CloudFlare, but as far as websites go ours is probably rather niche and might be unlikely to require it. I don't have a lot of experience with websites in general, would appreciate any information, thanks. Hope I'm not asking for help from the wrong place.