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Hi Guys. I am trying to convince my company to hire a dedicated sysadmin instead of trying to "attach" it to the side of developers roles etc. We are not a huge company, about 30 employees mostly developers and support staff (were are software house). So a few internal servers for dev, company laptops, phone system, security system, o365 etc. We also have some servers in colo that host websites, api services, jira confluence etc, and about 400 RDS users ( we offer a hosted desktop solution to our customers. ). this is run on a Hyper-v cluster to with veeam replication between data centers and redundant routing and switching hardware. Plus a big SQL VM The internal stuff is not a big deal but our hosted desktop is growing more and more, it started off as small server with 3 vms and 1 customer, it pretty much ran itself. Its just something that i set up on the side of my existing role. now its time consuming and they see the time spent on it as "unproductive" and can't you just "palm it to one of the junior devs", they still have the mindset that it should just run itself "once it is setup", like it did at the start. But i think it has outgrown that, and it needs to be managed properly, we are holding a lot of customer data etc and downtime is a big deal. We are also supposed to be working at ISO 27001 compliance I feel like i'm getting pulled from side to side. This stuff needs doing and i am the "owner" of it, at the same time they want me onsite with customers and doing other stuff. So i guess this rant has formed two questions. 1. How do I convince my bosses that its time for a sysadmin 2. In Australia, was is the average salary they should expect to look after a system like this