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*Bedrock Server - Console Compatible - With Achievements!* **This is not a realm.** *Wryhta is defined as:* 1. a worker 2. a maker of something **Overview** So me and a small group of friends have started a Hermitcraft Inspired Minecraft Bedrock Server focused purely on vanilla survival gameplay. The server is hosted in Australia 24/7 and is capable of holding over 50 players at once, we are currently looking to start a community of people who are eager to start building big and give others a reason to join. This is a Greylist server at the moment, anybody with the server IP has the ability to join but does not receive build permissions until an admin provides them. We have just created a brand-new world with about 5 committed players who are working on building the spawn area right now. *Spawn area:* []( **Console Compatible!** We have recently discovered a way to allow players to join from the console version of Minecraft Bedrock, we have this working perfectly on Xbox One but have noticed a few issues on Nintendo Switch, the soon to be released PS4 Bedrock Edition will also be compatible. Joining from console does not require any system modifications or separate devices to work, but since we're still sorting things out with Nintendo Switch we'll say this feature is in beta. **Resource Packs!** We highly encourage users to play with the faithful texture pack for bedrock, we do however allow players to use their own packs if they wish. We host all the files you need to set this up including, shaders, menu enhancements and vanilla tweaks. **Achievements Enabled - 100% Survival** This is something we really wanted to stick with, in our minds a survival world with achievements disabled is never a true survival world. Achievements are another way for people to enjoy Minecraft and not having them destroys all proof that players haven't cheated. **Discord and Website** We are in the process of creating a proper Discord Server for players to communicate, share content, and possibly show up on stream. We also self-host a website which will eventually have a built in forum and an easier way for players to apply to join. **Rules** A few Basic ones: Try to build at least 100 blocks from spawn, we need space to build a proper spawn area once we have materials. Absolutely no griefing is tolerated, including stealing from chests and destroying builds, there is no reason for it. Don't spam, whether it's logging in a hundred times or filling up the chat don't bother. Do not share the server IP to unapproved players, if your friend wants to join send them a link to this post. Don't me mean to other players, everyone wants to feel welcome not harassed. Absolutely no duplicating, exploiting of game glitches or modded clients are allowed. We have 3 admins right now, each of which are able to watch players silently, if we catch you cheating that's a ban. Don't build directly next to someone's base without permission, ask first as they might have something planned for the area. **Applying** Anyone who is interested in joining should mention down in the comments for this post, we ask that you tell us a little about yourself and include which platform you will be joining from, after that you will be DM'd instructions to connect as well as receive an invite link to our temporary discord server. We don't have strict requirements for players that join but we would really prefer people at least 14 years old, if you are younger than that you are still welcome to apply but you'll have some stricter rules.