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## [Register Now for Prolander @]( ---- ## What is Prolander? 7v7 Prolander is a dynamic format that forces teams to have to think on their feet as the match goes on. This is a great format for new and old players, as it's easy to pick up and plays like a casual game. Prolander plays the most popular map types of Payload and Koth, and you also get to play the classes you enjoy as virtually all classes are viable a majority of the time. ---- ## Season Details - North America - **Region**: North America - **New team registration ends**: August 11th, 2019 - **League Starts**: August 12th, 2019 - *[Read More Details](* - **[Register Now](** #### I play RGL NA-Highlander, will this conflict with the HL season? **No**, the Prolander season starts after the RGL-HL season and will end before the start of the next HL season. Prolander matches will also be on Monday nights at 9:30pm Eastern. So if you already played HL, you're already used to playing on this night. ## Season Details - Europe - **Region**: Europe - **New team registration ends**: August 11th, 2019 - **League Starts**: August 26th, 2019 - *[Read More Details](* - **[Register Now](** ## Season Details - Australia - **Region**: Australia - **New team registration ends**: August 11th, 2019 - **League Starts**: August 19th, 2019 - *[Read More Details](* - **[Register Now](** ---- ## RGL is **free to play** If you're playing at the top level for the big cash prizes, we still have an entry fee for those teams. However, for everyone else we've made RGL free to play. The other big feature of RGL is that instead of allowing teams to register for their own divisions, teams register themselves and are then ranked based on the strength of their roster. This helps prevent teams from sandbagging with one player in a low div. We want to try to give the best experience possible to teams, but that's only possible if they have fair fights on the battlefield. ## How do I find a team? Finding a team is not hard, but it does require you to put in a little effort. First, you should make a post in the [websites Looking For Team (LFT) section]( and also post in our discords. Second, you should contact leaders of teams who need a player. You can find them listed in the [Teams Looking for Players (LFP) section]( and also the LFP section of our discords - [NA Discord]( - [EU Discord]( - [AU Discord]( ---- ## Want to try Prolander? We host Pick Up Games (PUGs) a few times each week. They're open for all skill levels and you should definitely give it a go. You can find them by joining our discord @ ---- ## What does it look like? Check out last Seasons Grand Finals and was one of the best matches I've ever seen in competitive TF2! - [Season 6 - Grand Finals - Froyotech vs Cat Noises]( ---- ## I play Highlander. Why should I try this? Prolander is like a faster-paced version of Highlander, where the actions you take--good or bad--have a much more real impact. How many times have you played in HL where your team gets 2-3 kills, but you still struggle to push, just because of how many players are on the field? Compare that to Prolander, where getting just one pick is often enough to make a push. Add in the fact that you're not stuck on the class your playing. This dynamic can take a little bit to get used to but adds a unique element of fun/challenge. What classes will you run when your team is defending payload? Do you run an extra pick class when trying to retake the point on koth? The best part of the Prolander meta is that there really isn't one; each team is able to come up with their own unique strategies, reacting and changing on the fly as they battle against other teams' unique line-ups. To sum up, it's like Highlander, but faster-paced (since picks matter a lot more) and allows more strategy when it comes down to how you build your line-up, class-wise. We hope you'll give it a try and decide for yourself. # [Register Now @](