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AIHL Finals are happening on the 31st of August and 1st of September at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium, Newcastle. Initial ticket release on Thursday the 4th of July 2019. [More info]( ---- Keep an eye out for the [AIHL Game Day Threads]( in /r/hockey. ---- **Friday:** 2019-07-26 |Away Team|Score|Score|Home Team|Game Sheet|Suggested Hashtags| |-:|:-:|:-:|:-|:-|:-| |💫 [Newcastle NorthStars](|4|7|🐶 [Sydney Ice Dogs](|[Details](|\#AIHL #NNSvSID| **Saturday:** 2019-07-27 |Away Team|Score|Score|Home Team|Game Sheet|Suggested Hashtags| |-:|:-:|:-:|:-|:-|:-| |🐴 [Melbourne Mustangs](|8|3|💉 [Adelaide Adrenaline](|[Details](|\#AIHL #MUSvADR| |⚔️ [CBR Brave](|2|3(SO)|❄️ [Melbourne Ice](|[Details](|\#AIHL #CBRvICE| |🐻 [Sydney Bears](|5|0|💫 [Newcastle NorthStars](|[Details](|\#AIHL #BEAvNNS| |⚡️ [Perth Thunder](|5|7|🐶 [Sydney Ice Dogs](|[Details](|\#AIHL #THUvSID| **Sunday:** 2018-07-28 |Away Team|Score|Score|Home Team|Game Sheet|Suggested Hashtags| |-:|:-:|:-:|:-|:-|:-| |⚔️ [CBR Brave](|7|2|❄️ [Melbourne Ice](|[Details](|\#AIHL #CBRvICE| |🐴 [Melbourne Mustangs](|5|3|💉 [Adelaide Adrenaline](|[Details](|\#AIHL #MUSvADR| |⚡️ [Perth Thunder](|4|3|🐻 [Sydney Bears](|[Details](|\#AIHL #THUvBEA| ---- **Current Table** |Pos|LW|Team|GP|W|L|OTW|OTL|TP| |:-:|:-:|:-|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:| |1|1|⚔️ [CBR Brave](|23|21|1|1|0|64| |2|2|💫 [Newcastle NorthStars](|22|14|7|1|0|44| |3|3|🐻 [Sydney Bears](|21|11|8|2|0|37| |4|4|⚡️ [Perth Thunder](|22|11|9|1|1|36| |5|5|🐴 [Melbourne Mustangs](|21|9|9|0|3|30| |6|6|🐶 [Sydney Ice Dogs](|21|8|11|1|1|27| |7|7|❄️ [Melbourne Ice](|22|6|14|2|0|22| |8|8|💉 [Adelaide Adrenaline](|22|0|21|0|1|1| (**Legend:** current **Pos**ition - **L**ast **W**eek's position - **Team** name - **G**ames **P**layed - regulation **W**ins - regulation **L**osses - **O**ver **T**ime or shootout **W**ins - **O**ver **T**ime or shootout **L**osses - **T**otal **P**oints). **Points Structure** * Regulation Win: 3 * OverTime or ShootOut Win: 2 * OverTime or ShootOut Loss: 1 * Cancelled Game: 1 * Regulation Loss: 0 [Scoring leaders]( | [Goalie leaders]( ---- [AIHL 2019 Extended Table]( | [AIHL 2019 Season Points By Game]( | [AIHL 2019 Season Points By Round]( | [AIHL 2019 Season Points Percentage By Round]( ---- What an amazing weekend! Some really unexpected results, teams powering ahead, and yet still no changes on the table! It all started off Friday night where an injury and illness depleted Northstars (with their coach in the lineup to make numbers) trekked down to Sydney to take on the Ice Dogs. Northstars went out to the early lead, 3-1 up at the first break. But in the 3rd the story was all Dogs. 4 unanswered goals giving Ice Dogs the upset 7-4 win over 2nd place Northstars. Saturday back at home Northstars were hosting the Bears. Still injury and illness depleted, but with more players than the night before they came out of the gate and found a wall. The Bears slowly put on the goals as the game progressed, eventually taking it 5-0 over Northstars. In Sydney the Ice Dogs were facing Thunder. Ice Dogs went out to the early lead in the 1st, increased in the second. A late surge by the Thunder wouldn't be enough, Ice Dogs taking it 7-5. Adrenaline hosted Mustangs for a double-header weekend. Mustangs got the initial two goals, but then Adrenaline got the next three giving them the lead thanks to a shorty from Jake Riley! It wasn't long lasting though, 60 seconds (and one period break) later, Mustangs tied it back up, then put on 5 more to have 6 unanswered goals in the 3rd period. Mustangs taking the game 8-3. Ice hosted Brave, in what I think may have been the Game of The Week so I'll be keeping an eye out on Kayo for it Thursday. Scoreless in the 1st. 1-all in the 2nd. 2-all in the third. Second last on the ladder took the domineering Brave to OT! Not even OT could get a result, it then went to SO. 7 rounds of ShootOuts, and Tommy Powell finally got one past a goalie. Ice handing CBR only their second loss for the season, taking the game 3-2 in ShootOut. On Sunday everyone was excited the Ice v Brave game was going to be a repeat. But unfortunately for all the fans tuning it, it wasn't to be. Brave found their edges again, and did what they've done all season, appeared to be a step ahead from start to finish. Brave taking game 2 7-2 over Ice. In Adelaide the Adrenaline again hosted the Mustangs, and it was to be another armwrestle for the most part. Ales Kratoska got Adrenaline ahead with 1:27 remaining in the 1st. Mustangs wouldn't tie it up until a Shorty by Christian Isackson with 9:38 remaining in the 2nd. Early in the 3rd Joey Rezek got Adrenaline the lead again, but then 3 unanswered goals by Mustangs would give Mustangs the 5-3 win and 6 points. In Sydney again this time it was the Bears turn to host Thunder. Tommy Stevens' final game before heading back overseas and Bears were pumped to give him the farewell he needed. Tommy putting the Bears ahead with the lone goal in the 1st. Thunder answered in the second, but Tommy got Bears ahead again. In the third Bears got another to have the scariest lead in hockey, a 2 goal lead. With 6 minutes to go Thunder surged, just as the Bears found the end of their gas tanks. 3 goals in the final 6 minutes, and Thunder stole the game out from under a very exhausted looking Bears. Thunder taking the game 4-3. 6 points for Mustangs and Ice Dogs gives them both the surges they need after both having been very flat recently. Adrenaline again with signs of hope, but need to last longer in games. And Brave seeeing their second non-W for the season! ---- **Next Week:** Round 15. |Date|Time|Away Team|Home Team|Location|Suggested Hashtags| |:-:|:-:|-:|:-|:-|:-| |2019-08-03|16:30|💫 [Newcastle NorthStars](|⚡️ [Perth Thunder](|[Perth Ice Arena, Perth](|\#AIHL #NNSvTHU| |2019-08-03|17:00|🐻 [Sydney Bears](|❄️ [Melbourne Ice](|[O'Brien IceHouse, Melbourne](|\#AIHL #BEAvICE| |2019-08-03|17:30|💉 [Adelaide Adrenaline](|⚔️ [CBR Brave](|[Phillip Swimming & Ice Skating Centre, Canberra](|\#AIHL #ADRvCBR| 2019-08-03|17:00|🐴 [Melbourne Mustangs](|🐶 [Sydney Ice Dogs](|[Macquarie Ice Rink, Sydney](|\#AIHL #MUSvSID| |2019-08-04|14:00|🐻 [Sydney Bears](|🐴 [Melbourne Mustangs](|[O'Brien IceHouse, Melbourne](|\#AIHL #BEAvMUS| |2019-08-04|16:00|💉 [Adelaide Adrenaline](|⚔️ [CBR Brave](|[Phillip Swimming & Ice Skating Centre, Canberra](|\#AIHL #ADRvCBR| |2019-08-04|16:30|💫 [Newcastle NorthStars](|⚡️ [Perth Thunder](|[Perth Ice Arena, Perth](|\#AIHL #NNSvTHU| Most games out of Melbourne and Newcastle can be streamed live via the AIHL YouTube channel (linked below). But I highly advise getting to a game live if it's in your neck of the woods. Nothing beats being there. ---- [AIHL Podcast]( | [5th Liners Podcast]( |  [Australian Hockey Calendar]( | [Subscribeable Calendar]( [AIHL Twitter]( | [AIHL Facebook]( | [AIHL Instagram]( | [AIHL YouTube]( | [AIHL Website]( | [AIHL Scores, Schedules & Gamesheets]( ---- AIHL Finals are happening on the 31st of August and 1st of September at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium, Newcastle. Initial ticket release on Thursday the 4th of July 2019. [More info](