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Don't get me wrong, I love that Reddit is here and has so many subs with so much info. We can talk about taking all kinds of things, get tips, help advice, learn, help others, and generally be pretty free if we're safe an sensible. Things have changed though. Reddit is banning subs like crazy, I remember when the darknet and a lot of RC sections went down, and then when things in the world in general started tightening up like when the UK's blanket ban on RCs came into effect in 2015, same year my country (Australia) introduced our lovely Border Force. My success rate buying online went down to less than half what it used to be, and the UK was suddenly totally dry. It's taken time but I finally got reliable stuff and right now in off my head on some really fucking good Hexen. Success rate of 95% or so and wish I had as many places to chat with people similar situations, I remember ten years ago when there were sites on the clearnet where sourcing was all good, people talked about doing "hypothetical" illegal shit. That place went on for ages and even a FBI subpoena didn't stop it running. Now even the darknet has markets and forums shut down by law enforcement, or scared into scamming their own people, censoring half the content, or banning their own markets and prohibiting content or certain products/discussion, just in case, in the hope of avoiding too much attention. In my country, Australia, even drug testing has had trouble gaining a foothold or legality in any form. Free discussion? Not on any local sites or boards, they'd be shut down like THAT, and our internet connections are censored, data and history retained by the ISPs by law. Anonymity and free speech either go hand in hand, or at least, they seem to have to go hand in hand these days. Part of the reason maybe why the governement has been cutting down on the ability to be anonymous as much as possible over the past decade. Latest attack on freedom is their attempt at an encryption backdoor law. It took a hell of a lot of time and trials to perfect being able to get a working phone without an identity of mine attached to it or linked in any form. Paying for things, crypto isn't the answer, there are better ways still but it's still a nice tool. Being able to host a website myself and try to have a place for a bit of free chat, even nothing too intense, has been difficult enough. But I got there. Kind of a rant, but wanting to know your thoughts. I got plenty of time to read and I'm up and wired on NEH and ready to read, bitch moan and argue all I can. Peace