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i'm in [Socialist Alternative]([]( and we host Aus' biggest socialist conference, called [Marxism]([](, in Melbong, the latest of which just happened a couple of weeks ago and by all accounts was a yuge success. in Perth and Syd tho we've got our own versions, called simply "Socialism", coming up in mid August (17th–18th in Perth). it's a really great introduction to socialist history – especially Aus' hidden radical past, like the Builder's Labourer's Federation in the 70s and the time Fremantle fought the cops and kept them out of the city for an entire month. it also has a lot of introductory Marxism boot camp-esque talks, we're gonna be talking about Venice Whaler incl. gloating at Guaidó's humiliation, the Sudanese and Algerian revolutions (and revolution vs electoralism more broadly), and we're gonna huff engine oil and have gay sex. i used to be extremely online and pretty much only frequent r/cth (this is my 6th or 7th ban alt), but hoo boy lemme tell you: actually going out and meeting other socialists in real life is dramatically, dramatically better. i have learned an unbelievable amount in such a short time, i've gone from suicidally depressed to pretty functional, and i'm now doing a lot of real, useful work to convince ordinary people to become committed socialists rather than effortposting to brick-wall chuds. it's incredibly empowering and illuminating! anyway, these conferences are the any% speedrun of this transformative process and they own. tickets are only $35 for two days which is... \*schniff\* can you smell that? smells like a bargain so yeah [here's the website to get tickets]([]( and DM me or hit my line if you have any questions about the conferences or SA's politics / strategy / culture / structure. we're revolutionary Marxists but we're very realistic about Australia's extremely low ebb of class consciousness; we're in this for the long haul and try to constantly look critically at our tactics (like an experimental federal election campaign we're running, the Victorian Socialists) and avoid routinism. thanks cummies; let's chat x