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Background from: There is a growing understanding that the constitutional recognition process seeks to usurp First Nations rights, despite a highly funded, one sided Yes campaign which is both a government and corporation funded agenda (Recognise). There has not been any formal NO campaign. However, First Nations people have initiated and developed their own NO campaigns and mechanisms to share information and their reasons for dissent, despite not having received any monies to support this. Now millions more dollars have been given to the Referendum Council to host a series of twelve dialogues and a national Convention. The importance of a NO campaign is the First Nations are asserting their pre-existing and continuing sovereignty and are demanding other options are on the table, including Treaties. The Referendum Council is operated by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and has a short life span, concluding on June 30, 2017. The Referendum Council have a certain number of ‘delegates’ attending who were voted on at a series of 12 dialogues (approximately 120 people) but it was announced at the secret Canberra dialogue on May 10, 2017, that all Referendum Council employees who were paid as staff members and facilitators will be given full participation status and voting rights at the Uluru Convention on 23 - 26 May 2017. This means there are an extra 170 plus people (Referendum Council employees and others) who were not selected during the ‘dialogue’ process, but whom are attending in a decision-making capacity anyway. Many of these ‘facilitators’ were on the pay roll for the Regional Dialogue meetings. There is a clear conflict of interest if these extra attendee ‘facilitators’ have voting rights, at the National Convention from 23 – 26 May 2017, since they are in reality employees, even though we are told they will not be paid to attend the National Convention at Uluru. Nevertheless, their travel expenses and accommodation at the Ayers Rock Resort will be paid for by Referendum Council, and organised by AIATSIS, the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies. This extraordinary and farcical state of affairs is only one among multiple examples of where the Referendum Council have seriously breached their own processes as described on their website (which has subsequently changed since the ‘Dialogues’ commenced). This unlawful and unethical process cannot, is not, and must not go unopposed. In fact, there has been widespread dissent and opposition to the Referendum Council and the Recognise Campaign for years. This dissent is coming from many First Nations people right across the country. There is a strong and consistent message of no consent to this process, and the whole constitutional recognition agenda has not been heard by the non-Indigenous population of Australia. The co-chair of the Referendum Council, Pat Anderson, has also publicly confirmed at the Sydney and Canberra ‘Dialogues’ that there will be no actual constitutional amendments available for scrutiny or analysis at the Uluru Convention. There were none available at the ‘Dialogues’ either. Yet Pat has stated on multiple occasions that the decision taken on the proposed five constitutional changes (without the specific wording being available) are final. She also stated there will be NO MORE going back to respective communities to ensure adequate consultation or discussion with respective First Nations communities prior to the government proceeding to a referendum on the (as yet unknown) constitutional amendments. More info:’-analysis-uluru-statement-heart-uluru-statement