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Rod Hannifey is our resident Host of 'Truck That Australia' which is released monthly on Whiteline and now he also brings you the 'Truckies Top Ten Tips #02' for cars and trucks to share the roads safely together. This advice is presented in good faith not to tell people what to do but to provide constructive friendly advice on how we can all get along better for a safer outcome. In this second short video Rod explains the second of the Top Ten tips which is about not overtaking a heavy vehicle when it’s turning. When you think of the sheer size of some of these vehicles B'Doubles weighing in at up to 68 tonnes, and as long as 26 metres it is absolute madness to expect that they can stop on a dime and turn on a sixpence as the expression goes. It is imperative that trucks are given as much room as possible to ensure safety on the roads for all. Room to stop, room to turn, room to flow with traffic and room to get going which would have to be the key factor with sharing the roads between us. We all want to complete our journey safely and return home to our loved ones and families. DO NOT OVERTAKE a heavy vehicle when its turning. This one is not only friendly advice but it is also road law should anything go wrong. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe to our channel on either Youtube or Vimeo for more informative videos from Rod Hannifey or some of our other presenters at Whiteline Television. Have a browse around our website at some of our other videos on the Australian road transport industry, we always welcome your comments and feedback Check out Rods blog and other media articles at his website