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First things first. Child Pornography has always been banned on 8chan. Second things second. If there was CP posted on 8chan that the mods missed, this is nothing to do with us. Any more than it would be our fault if there was some obscure sub on Reddit where people were posting it, that the admins were unaware of. Note the "murder, arson and jaywalking" language some of these pieces uses. Going in the order they appear on Google News... Rebekah Valentine / > In addition to the aforementioned pornographic content and hate speech, 8chan has served as a hub for various harassment campaigns, including GamerGate after 4chan banned discussion of the topic. Stefanie Fogel / Variety > 8chan is also tied to a number of Gamergate-inspired harassment campaigns against women journalists and game developers. One thread on the site plotted (and, apparently, succeeded) to “swat” artist and Gamergate critic Grace Lynn, sending about 20 police officers to her Portland, Ore. home in January 2015, according to Ars Technica. Note: The article she links to is talking about something that happened on the Baphomet board. A board notorious for doxing people on both sides of the controversy. Joseph Knoop / Daily Dot > 8chan is primarily known as a central hub of activity for Gamergate, the online harassment campaign that targets marginalized people in the video game and entertainment industry, including women, the LGBTQ community, people of color, and others. In the wake of the image board 4chan removing all Gamergate threads, Gamergate supporters flocked to 8chan, which led to Gamergate-related threads going from 100 per hour to nearly 4,000 per hour on the younger site. 8chan has also been identified as an active pedophile network. Allegra Frank / Polygon > The apology hasn’t satisfied many of the critics who questioned THQ Nordic’s decision to host an AMA on 8chan. Googling the site’s name, for example, immediately highlights its history with child pornography, as well as connections to GamerGate, swatting attempts, and the alt-right — and references to it as “the world’s most vile website.” Patrick Klepek / Waypoint > 8chan became notorious early on for being a gathering place for the hate group GamerGate, was found to be hosting child pornography at various points, and was eventually blacklisted from coming up Google searches because it contained “suspected child abuse content.” Jeff Grubb / VentureBeat > The site gained further popularity among angry young men in 2014 when 4Chan banned posts about the hate group GamerGate that was targeting women working in the video game industry. In 2015, Google delisted 8Chan from its search results due to reports of “child abuse content.” The site is also home to a larger number of white supremacists who formerly posted on 4Chan’s /pol/ subforum. Tegan Jones / Gizmodo Australia > 8chan was also one of the main hubs of Gamergate, and even allegedly succeeded in swatting ex-supporter Grace Lynn after defecting. Nathan Grayson / Kotaku > The content of 8chan users’ questions and posts is not at all surprising, given the board’s history—something a PR person like Brock should’ve been aware of. In 2013, 8chan creator Fredrick Brennan decided that 4chan—then regarded to be one of the internet’s most lawless lands—had become too controlling and founded a “free-speech-friendly” alternative. 8chan frequently takes that stance to its utmost extreme, to the point that it was blacklisted from Google search in 2015 for containing “suspected child abuse content.” When 4chan gave Gamergate the boot, many users relocated to 8chan, which still serves as a hub for Gamergate-related discussion. Chelsea Steiner / The Mary Sue > “We have no idea why” is an interesting defense for posting on 8chan, an imageboard website that’s an offshoot of the popular 4chan. Who uses 8chan, you might ask? Everyone considered too extreme or disturbing for 4chan, which is the lowest of low bars. That includes (but is not limited to) Gamergate harassment, child abuse, child pornography, swatting, doxxing, QAnon, racism, homophobia, and pro-nazi content. If it’s abhorrent and hate-filled, you’re likely to find it on 8chan. Graham Smith / Rock Paper Shotgun > “We’re doing an 8chan AMA and we have no idea why,” announced THQ Nordic on their Twitter account earlier this evening. If you’re not aware, 8chan is an imageboard website which has been de-listed from Google search results for hosting “suspected child abuse content,” and which is associated with Swatting and Gamergate. Rory Young / GameRant > 8chan’s recent history is tied to controversies related to doxing, swatting, the QAnon conspiracy theory, GamerGate, and child pornography. In 2015, Google blacklisted the site from search results due to “suspected child abuse content.” Mike Harradence / Video Gamer > Unfortunately, the AMA itself didn't exactly go smoothly. Around 45 minutes into the session, the discussion was hit by a deluge of pornographic images as well as references to Hitler, Nazis, GamerGate, and other NSFW content. Craig Chapple / Pocket Gamer > The site was a spin-off of 4chan that launched in 2013 and has become notorious for hosting links to child pornography, according to The Daily Dot. It’s also said to have ties to Gamergate and incidents of swatting, amongst other controversies. Adam Starkey / Metro > 8chan has been marred in controversy since it was created in 2013, being delisted from Google after hosting child pornography on the site and being connected to Gamergate-inspired campaigns of harassment against female journalists and game developers. Sam Greer / LadBible > Publisher THQ Nordic held an AMA on 8chan yesterday (26 February), a website notorious for its involvement in child pornography, swatting, Gamergate, and that was once so toxic as to be delisted from Google.