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Hey, its me again! Sorry that this is super late, I was actually very sick. I had high hopes that i would be better, but alas i had only gotten worse, and only now have i gotten around to this. Anyways, here is the very good, and very late, [Animation Survivor Palau](! ​ A couple of notes: I am aware that i misspelled homer's last name. Changing it would change the results of this, so it will remain, sorry about that. Second, it was brought to my attention that a couple of people didn't like the twist at the beginning, and that the two immediately eliminated should get a second chance. I will not be doing this. The seasons for newcomers will not have the two first eliminated join them again. HOWEVER, I will consider them more heavily for a returnee season. One last additional thing I was brought attention to was Master Ava’s photo not working. This is a regional issue, if you are from Canada, it will not work due to the host website. I will not be taking photos from there either. ​ Anyways, I'll catch you in the next season, Animation Survivor Guatemala! ​ **Meet the Cast:** ​ Azai Nagamasa - Oda Nobuna No Yabou Benedictus Voss - World of Warcraft Bertha - Papa's Hot Dogerria Bubbles - Finding Nemo Fenniko - Aggretsuko Globert - Mixles Haley Smith - American Dad Homer Simpson - The Simpsons Jacques - Spyro Jen Masterson - 6teen Kam Chin - Class of 3000 Kittan Buchika - Gurren Lagann Larry - SpongeBob Squarepants Lindsey Naegle - The Simpsons Lois Griffin - Family Guy Master Ava - Kingdom Hearts Rin Kagamine - Vocaloid Sedusa - The Power Puff Girls Shennong - Warriors Orochi Stitch - Lilo and Stitch ​ **Past Seasons:** ​ [Borneo]( [Australia]( [Africa]( [Marquesas]( [Thailand]( [Amazon]( [Pearl Islands]( [All-Stars]( [Vanuatu](