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**General:** []( Pet Aquarium niche. Started July 2018. I got a new sales job August 2018, just passed probation today (woohoo), life feels more secure (no longer in survival mode), ready to divert focus back into affiliate marketing. **Goal:** Make $0.01 by February 19th 2019. I have made very little progress because I didn't set any goals. **Time management** Total time spent on site so far \~ 40 hours Around 15 articles written, 1000 words average Total hours in week: 168 day job: 40 commute: 5 exercise: 5 eating: 10 chores: 10 sleep: 56 relationships: 10 time remaining: 32 hours... I can easily find *at least 16 hours a week* to work on this website. **Earnings:** $0 **Traffic:** Close to 0. Maybe 10 actual users (all bounced). Some from family & friends. Some from host & wordpress support. Google analytics: []( **Current tools:** Google keyword planner Google analytics Elementor wordpress editor Wordpress premium **Questions:** 1. Why do I have no traffic? Lack of traffic/poor quality? Ugly layout? No SSL certificate? 2. What's the best working routine you guys have found? How long per week is sufficient? Thanks for reading. Please critique me, don't hold back. ​ Edit: Advice: do not use EasyWP from namecheap. They have no cPanel, there are no online tutorials on easpWP and the live chat support is clueless - stick with something popular so you can easily find online tutorials if you run into problems ​ website currently down (nov 21) due to switching hosts ​ **Dec 10 update:** * friend helped me switch hosting to wordpress, got https instantly * website layout looks slightly better * edited a few articles * when (fishcrown) is searched on google, my website is the first result! it used to be on the 5th page 3 days ago * life is going well also, recovered from flu, going back to the gym and getting swole, going on dates, sleeping well, moved into a nicer place, summer weather officially arrived in Australia ... what a swell time to be alive ​