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Last week I experimented with a Reddit ad for my podcast, and I thought I would share the results here for anyone who is interested. **_tl;dr_ - I paid about $32 and I estimate that I got 8 new subscribers, for a cost of around $4 per new subscriber.** #Context My podcast *Dispatches from the Multiverse* is a weekly improv comedy sci-fi show. My co-host and I (along with many guests) have been going for about five months, and we've built up a small following of around 70-80 subscribers (my estimate based on average week 1 download counts). I decided to test a Reddit ad, since I've been on Reddit for more than a decade and I think there are a lot of communities here that overlap nicely with my podcast. #Ad setup Since our podcast is an improv comedy sci-fi show in English, here's how I targeted: **Locations** * United States * Canada * United Kingdom * Australia * New Zealand **Interests** * Podcasts * Humor * Comedy * Science Fiction * Comics & Graphic Novels **Subreddits** * podcasts * rickandmorty * futurama * archerfx * gravityfalls * bobsburgers * siliconvalleyhbo * adventuretime * theadventurezone * earwolf Here's what the [ad thumbnail looked like](, and here's the [mobile card]( I set up a daily budget of $5 max. You also have to choose a "bid" per 1,000 impressions which is the maximum price you'll pay. I chose a number on the low end at just $1. It's a little frustrating here that Reddit doesn't provide any guidance other than that the "accepted values range from $0.50 to $100." I would have appreciated if it would have shown the typical bid I'd need to place in order to actually be displayed frequently to the locations/interests/subreddits that I was targeting. #Ad Performance In total, my ad was displayed a little more 35,000 times over the course of the week, and clicked on (according to Reddit) 141 times. That's a clickthrough rate of 0.402%, which I think is okay but not great. My total spend ended up at $32.12 so I paid $0.23 per click. One important thing that I learned: Apparently a bid of $1 is not enough to get your ad in front of US-based Redditors. Of the 35,000 times my ad was displayed, 5 of those were to users in the US. Yeah, just five. Here's the full breakdown: Country | Impressions | Clicks | CTR ---|---|----|---- United Kingdom | 16.2k | 68 | 0.421% Canada | 10.3k | 35 | 0.339% Australia | 5.4k | 30 | 0.556% New Zealand | 3.2k | 8 | 0.247% USA | 5 | 0 | 0.000% I also find it interesting that my clicktrough rate was more than double in Australia than it was in New Zealand. It was also displayed only a few hundred times each in the specific subreddits that I targeted. Most of the displays went to the "interest" that I chose, with the vast majority going to "humor" (24.5k impressions) and "science fiction" (11.8k impressions). Finally, I don't think it really matters at all, but [the ad itself]( was upvoted by just 28% of people and got ten mostly idiotic comments (which includes one sarcastic response from me). #Results Here's a breakdown of the daily ad clicks (per Reddit), website visitors (per Google Analytics), and total episode downloads (excluding the new episode that I released on Tuesday) during the week that my ad was live: I'm not sure why Reddit reports more clicks on the ad than Google reports visitors to the site. It's also important to mention here that for most of the week that the ad was running, our show had 25 episodes available, so for example on Monday that was 54 total downloads, so an average of a little over 2 per episode. The main thing I care about is hooking new long-term listeners, so the most important chart to me is the total number of downloads *per episode.* During the ad, 27 people downloaded our first episode. The average across the previous four weeks was 6 downloads of Episode 1, so that's probably about 21 new people who tried out our podcast. Episodes 4 through 23 were downloaded an average of 10 times each. The previous four-week average for that was 2 downloads per episode, so my estimate is that I attracted around 8 new regular listeners for my $32. That's $4 per new subscriber. #Conclusions I'm not sure if I'll do another Reddit ad. For now I'm going to try out some other options to see if I can get subscribers for less than $4 each. If we were making money on the show I'm sure the equation would change but for now it's probably not worth it.