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To Register a new Business Name, Domain Name or Trademark, visit REGISTRY.COM.AU

To search for an existing ABN/ACN visit the official ABR.GOV.AU website.

Are we getting one? Obv can lock this once it’s up Edit: just use this for now until we get a real one. I’m not gonna do all the info stuff, just chat. Edit: fine I’ll add some stuff. Don’t be picky I’m on mobile and play on console. English Stream: Information: []( | [liquidpedia]( | [Official Website]( Patch: [1.27]( Hosted by [Soe]( and [Mica Burton]( Game 1: Australia v. **Denmark** -*Casted by [ZP]( and [Jake](* * Final score 1-3 Game 2: **China** v. Thailand -*Casted by [Bren]( and [Sideshow](* * Final score 3-2 Game 3: Sweden v. **Australia** -*Casted by [Wolf]( and [Achilios](* * Final score 0-4 Game 4: Denmark v. **China** -*Casted by [ZP]( and [Jake](* * Final score 2-3 Game 5: Spain v. **Sweden** * Final score 0-4 -*Casted by [Bren]( and [Sideshow](*