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I just finished my studies and have a diploma in web development, there were a few companies who wanted to hire me but it was all primarily back-end which I am admittedly terrible at. I have excellent interpersonal skills thanks to years in retail management and am personable enough to believe I can build a client base. However this will be my first venture into this world so I'm after a little help as to what I'll need. I know I'll need a server to host clients websites on, had a look at namecheap which seems reasonable (am located in Australia for reference). Other than the server hosting, I assume I'll need things like SSL and webmail? I already have one client site built with WordPress so I imagine there's the ability to install the WP app via cPanel on such hosting sites? As for a CMS I was planning on using building their site using WordPress if a client did want their own access and functionality. Is it normal to sort of give a client a few options, such as 1. I can develop the site for you, give you everything and you find your own hosting/maintenance etc 2. I can develop the site, give you CMS(WP) credentials and you can update basic information (images, posts etc) as well as host it for you 3. I can develop the site, maintain it (you send me whatever and I'll update it myself), and host it all myself I'm sure there's a ton of things I'm forgetting and missing so if you are/have been a freelance web dev/designer, whatever wisdom or info you have I'd be grateful for as I look to start a new chapter in life. Thanks